Joint Network Center (GNZ)
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Network equipment at data center GNZ Entrance, building T Backup Robot, grapplers roadway

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Quick Links
  • Pdf_icon.jpg GNZ-Flyer [1]
  • Map of the FHI area: You can find the GNZ in building T.
  • Network access: Members of staff and guests of the FHI have direct access to FHI intranet and internet with LAN and WLAN. For IP addresses, cables and switches, please contact the GNZ.
  • WLAN: The GNZ provides access to a wireless local-area network (WLAN) for employees and guests. You may also access the intranet via SSID "eduroam" or "FHI-Guest".
  • VPN: Our flexible VPN allows you to have home access to the FHI intranet and electronic journals.
  • Backup: The backup service covers data saving, storage and restoration.
  • Print Service: At the GNZ, you can find a high quality printer for posters, transparencies, flyers, etc.
  • Cloud: The easy way sharing personal data..---NextCloud Login---NextCloud How to download Client---NextCloud How to install new Client
  • Sale of IT equipment: The GNZ also sells different cables, adapters, CD-ROMs, keyboards, USB sticks and more.
  • For help with your user account, e-mail, file server and print server: please contact PP&B.

Service Time for Operating (printing, plotting etc.) and Sale at the GNZ

Monday to Thursday


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