VPN Access

Information about Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The Joint Network Center (Gemeinsame Netzwerkzentrum, GNZ) provides flexible access to a virtual private network (VPN) to FHI employees. This VPN allows you access to local resources (home directories, protected web content) and to online journal subscriptions at the FHI.

Some basic notes:

VPN is a way to extend the local area network (LAN) of the FHI to the home user via an established internet connection so that access to internal resources is possible from home or other locations outside the FHI, resources such as publishers and their online journals (Elsevier, Sciencedirect, etc.).

Used Hardware and Software:

The GNZ uses a professional hardware and software solution made by Cisco for our VPN services. The combination of the used Cisco hardware and the self-installing Cisco AnyConnect client software -- which is available for most operating systems -- is optimal for FHI users.

Stand-alone VPN client software installation:
Due to changed terms of licensing the software can't be provided to the public anymore. You'll get the password for the following download link at GNZ-Staff

  • For mobile devices with iOS and Android, please download the Cisco AnyConnect software from the AppStore or GogglePlay

In some cases and on certain platforms, an error occurs while installing the software, mostly caused by conflicting VPN software. If this happens, please contact the GNZ.

For further questions and information about VPN, please contact Mr. Robert Gruppe , phone (030) 8413-3227, or contact any other GNZ employee.

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