Problems and Emergencies

Please report any problems or emergencies connected with the GNZ to:

or by phone at:

(030) 8413 3200.

If our GNZ staff cannot answer immediately (e.g., outside of normal working hours) a voice mail box will receive your call. In the latter case, please briefly describe your problem and include your name and where you can be reached by a GNZ service person for further information.

Selected MPG staff (e.g., IT representatives of the FHI and other MP institutions) can reach the GNZ outside normal working hours in cases of extreme emergency, such as:

  • Fire or water damage at the GNZ
  • Air condition failures at the GNZ
  • Data line and power failures,
  • Central IT component failures (including: named, modem, web, e-mail, or print servers)

For other MP institutions, please use the following emergency phone number:

(030) 8413 3888

Our emergency backup service can be reached under:

(030) 8413 3887

This service can be contacted during normal office hours from Monday to Friday between 6am and 8am and between 6pm and 12pm, as well as from 6am to 12pm on weekends and holidays.
This service is available for emergencies only, i.e., the break down of central components of the backup system.

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