About GNZ

The old data center, 1974

North Campus of the Fritz Haber Institute

Data center, 2021

In March 1987, the "Gemeinsames Rechenzentrum des FHI und des Max-Planck-Instituts für molekulare Genetik (GRZ)" started operations in the newly constructed building on the North Campus of the Fritz Haber Institute. In the center of the hexagonal building is the large-scale computer hall (machine hall), which - by the standards of the time - had to meet high requirements in terms of air conditioning.

With the expansion of participants to all Berlin and Brandenburg institutes and facilities of the MPG in 2002, the former GRZ was renamed "Gemeinsames Netzwerkzentrum (GNZ) der Berlin-Brandenburgischen Max-Planck-Einrichtungen am Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG e.V.". Currently, the GNZ also advises and supports some MPIs not belonging to the group, or their IT departments, in selected projects.

In the entrance area of building T of the Fritz Haber Institute, the GNZ has set up a museum collection of disused computer components that illustrate the development of data processing over the past decades.

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